Website one day old!

Well, all I can saw is WOW! I am really flattered by the positive response to my new website and the lovely comments on past bakes and celebrations. Both the website and the It’s Time for Tea and Cake Facebook page have received a lot of highly positive attention and encouraging comments, so a massive thank you to all my lovely friends.

Please do feel free to pass my website address and contact details on to friends or contacts of yours who you feel may be interested in hosting a tea party or need an event catered for. If your friend goes on to book a party on your recommendation, you will receive a bottle of fizz from me as a thank you.

My inspiration to bake, and make an occasion special, comes from my mum and dad. Both loved “a bit of a do” and nobody ever went home hungry from our house! Mum always felt baking was “genetic” as her dad was a cook in the Merchant Navy. Genetic or not, thank you for all your love and encouragement Win and Les. Love and miss you both xx


7 thoughts on “Website one day old!

  1. Wow Fran! I love the website and I can see those colours you love which I share: turquoise, blue, coral……Used to love tasty items you used to bring to the office moulded by your hands and now dying to taste your cakes! Ready to sample and order! Good luck with your new endeavour which I feel will be a success as I know when you put your mind to somethihg it is 200 per cent whichever profession you may be in!

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  2. Fran is a legend, she makes the most exceptional tasty cakes, we are very lucky to be her neighbour as we get to taste samples. I would 100% recommend her sumptuous wares xxx

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  3. Hi Fran, my wife (Joyce) brought home a chocolate cake made for her leaving do. I am known for not liking cakes and chocolate. In politeness, I agreed to a slice as all my family were tucking in. Wow my taste buds exploded, I grabbed the cake and did a runner and locked myself in the garage. Within 30 minutes I devoured as much as possible , whilst the rest of my family tried to break the door down. Absolutely delicious, I never believed a cake could taste so good. I would post a picture but I’ve scoffed the lot!

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